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The primary purpose of Women in Longview is to celebrate the achievements and diversity of Longview’s outstanding women on a special day each year. Women in Longview Day is an event designed to encourage, inform, support and motivate women.

As women, we may differ politically, economically, and socially; but on this day we ignore those differences and come together with our common concerns. This is a time to learn and to remind ourselves that whatever our interests, we are more likely to achieve our goals by uniting our efforts.

Every Women in Longview Day is filled with activities which offer women opportunities to communicate and share knowledge. It is our hope that each woman will leave the event having made new friends, enlightened and inspired and eager to make a positive difference not only in our community, but throughout the world.


Empowering Women
"By sharing our experiences, strengths and hopes
for the future! "

March 26, 2015 - 8:00am-1:30pm
Maude Cobb Convention Center
Keynote Speaker:  Kelly Swanson